About Hearts 4 Paws

About Hearts 4 Paws

Our Mission – To save and enhance the lives of forgotten, rejected, abandoned, or abused animals.

Established in February 2012, Hearts 4 Paws is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization committed to rescuing, providing sanctuary, and facilitating the adoption of abandoned, stray, and neglected animals. Our unwavering dedication transcends health, age, and breed biases. By engaging and educating communities, we raise awareness about homeless animals’ challenges and advocate the rewards of adopting animals in need. Our diligent care includes thorough examinations, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and comprehensive medical attention before placing animals in meticulously screened homes. Hearts 4 Paws operates as a 501(c) non-profit organization.

Our Mission:

At Hearts 4 Paws, our mission is multi-faceted:

• We rescue, provide sanctuary, and find forever homes for abandoned, stray, and neglected animals.

• We believe in inclusivity, never discriminating based on health, age, or breed.

• We’re dedicated to community involvement and education, raising awareness about homeless animals’ challenges and the rewards of adoption.

• We ensure each animal receives comprehensive medical care, including vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and needed treatments.

• We function as a volunteer-driven non-profit organization, driven by our love for animals.

• We advocate responsible pet ownership and support spay/neuter programs to tackle pet overpopulation.

• We collaborate with local shelters, rescue groups, and Humane Societies to ensure the welfare of forgotten dogs.

• We employ a thorough screening process to match animals with suitable homes, ensuring a lifelong commitment to their well-being.


adoption for the life of an animal

Hearts 4 Paws operates with a profound belief in lifelong adoption commitment.

For us, this principle encompasses two essential aspects. Firstly, to ensure our animals find environments where they can thrive throughout their lives, we rigorously assess potential adoptive owners and reserve the right to halt the adoption process if needed. Just as we commit to our animals indefinitely, we ask the same of our adopters.

Secondly, our adoption process is designed to ensure seamless placements that suit both the animal’s temperament and the new home’s environment. We consider factors like age, condition, and even family members’ ages and long-term expectations. With the animals’ and new owners’ best interests in mind, we strive to prevent misplacements that could lead to disappointment.

We appreciate your understanding should we determine that a specific animal isn’t the right match for you. All our adoption applicants must agree to return the animal to Hearts 4 Paws Rescue should they be unable to care for it in the future.


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